Saint Peter Roman Catholic Parish

For generations Saint Peter's Parish has been an active promoter of the Gospel and Christian charity.

Over the years parishioners have distinguished themselves with their generosity, providing churches and schools for the parish community and a variety of other services.

Nowadays the Parish maintains a strong commitment to its Catholic heritage, as well as the renewal ushered in by Vatican II.

A bequest to Saint Peter's is a welcome contribution and it is an opportunity to assist in the future development of the apostolate and ministries of the Parish.

When it comes time to make or revise your will, you can make a bequest to Saint Peter's Catholic Church, Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Such a gift will help the Parish fulfill its mission of evangelization and charity.

A bequest provides you an opportunity to extend your commitment to the Parish into the future.

If a donor so chooses, a bequest to Saint Peter's can be made to a designated need or apostolate, for example:

  • General funds
  • Religious Education
  • Outreach to the Poor
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society
  • Upkeep of the Church
  • Development and Peace
  • Other


‚ÄčDartmouth, Nova Scotia