‚ÄčDartmouth, Nova Scotia

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Parish

Rev. Jim Richards

Served from 2007 to present

Rev. Owen Connolly

Served from 2004-2007.

Rev. John L. Hayes

Served Saint Peter's from 1999-2003

Rev. John Leonard Hayes, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He received his early education at Saint Thomas Aquinas School and Saint Mary's University High School in Halifax. He completed undergraduate at Saint Mary's University and Theology at Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax and did postgraduate work at Marquette University, Wisconsin and in Berkley, California. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 17, 1959 by Most Reverend J. Gerald Berry. Until 1970, he served as assistant at a number of Halifax City parishes and in 1965 was Chaplain at the Halifax Infirmary. From 1970 he served as pastor at a number of parishes in the Archdiocese. In August 1999 he came to Saint Peter's Parish as Pastor and Administrator of Immaculate Conception, Dartmouth. In 2001 he accepted a concurrent appointment as canonical pastor of Saint Peter's in Sheet Harbour, Saint Michael's in Quoddy and Saint Martin's in Tangier. Father Hayes served the Archdiocese on numerous Committees. From July 2002 until August 31, 2003 he had been Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Halifax. In addition, he was Vice-Chancellor of Saint Mary's University.

When in 1965 it became clear that for a number of reasons the Church was no longer able to carry on Catholic education the way it is desired, he was the chief negotiator for the Episcopal Corporation. Through his efforts and efforts of others, the parochial schools were sold to the city. Msgr. Murphy also was responsible for building the new church, opened in 1969.

He served as curate at Saint Mary's Basilica and as Chancellor of the Archdiocese before becoming parish priest at Saint Anselm's in West Chezzetcook. Following that assignment he was the founding pastor of Saint Vincent's Parish in Forest Hills before coming to Saint Peter's where he served as parish priest. During these years he worked extensively with the diocesan refugee resettlement program. Father White has been parish priest at Saint Theresa's Parish in Halifax since the summer of 2002. Father White is also an adoptive parent who enjoys time with his children and grandchildren.

Following is courteous of Douglas Carmichael who is the great-grandson of Richard Underwood, brother of Monsignor Underwood.

DOB: 12 Dec 1848 in Halifax.

Parents: Charles & Elizabeth Underwood

Ordained at Sacred Heart Convent in Halifax by Archbishop Connolly in 1872.

1872-73 Curate at Saint Mary's Cathedral.

1873-85 Parish Priest at Sheet Harbour.

1885-1923 Pastor at Saint Peter's.

Deceased/buried at Saint Peter's 9 July 1927.

From at least 1881 his mother lived with him in the rectories until she died 11 March 1897. His sister Emma was from at least 1881 his housekeeper; she died in 1946 and Halifax Municipality has a record of an unnamed person (1849 -1946 age 97 yrs) buried in the same plot as Msgr U (I suspect it is her!). His mother is buried in Holy Cross.

Rev. John R. Campbell

Served Saint Peter's from 1972-1982

Born in Eagle Grove, Iowa, Msgr. Campbell came to Nova Scotia as an infant. He graduated with a BA from Saint Mary's College in Halifax, and was ordained a priest on May 19, 1946 after completing studies at Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax.

After leaving Saint Peter's Msgr. Campbell was Parish Priest at Saint Agnes in Halifax. He served as Diocesan Administrator from Jan 1990 to Sept 1991, on the retirement of Archbishop James. M. Hayes. Following two years at Saint Bridget's in Shubenacadie (where he built the new church), he retired and is now resident at Saint Peter's in Dartmouth. Msgr. Campbell remains active in the Pastoral Ministry. your paragraph here.

Rev. Louis P. Caissie

Served Saint Peter's from 1982-1987

Rev. Louis Philippe Caissie was born in Grande Degree NB and came to Halifax as a teenager where he attended Saint Patricks High School, Saint Mary's University and Holy Heart Seminary. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 27, 1962. As well as serving as Parish Priest here at Saint Peter's, Fr. Caisse also served as Curato from 1962-1966. Fr. Caissie is now co-ordinator of Pastoral Care at the Q.E. II Health Sciences Centre, in Halifax, and Chaplain to the Commenaute Francophone d'Halifax.

Rev. Gerald Murphy

Served Saint Peter's from 1954-1972

Monsignor Gerald B. Murphy, a Halifax native, was educated locally and graduated from Saint Mary's College and Holy Heart Seminary. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 26, 1935. He had two brothers who were also priests of the Archdiocese (Rev. Gregory Murphy, died September 5, 1948, and Monsignor Richard Murphy died December 2, 1997). After leaving this Parish he transferred to Saint Peter's Parish, Ketch Harbour, where he died on January 19, 1982.

Msgr. Murphy built the new high school.

Rev. William Smith

Served Saint Peter's from 1946-1954

Msgr Smith was responsible for the development of the new high school idea. He began the first campaign to raise funds to build the new school.

Rev. Alexander McIssac

Served from 1862-1864

Rev. John Woods

Served from 1863-1885

Rev. Charles Underwood

Served Saint Peter's from 1885-1923

The most important accomplishment of the Monsignor's long career was to bring back the Sisters of Charity to teach in Saint Peter's Parish school. The Sisters had been removed from Saint Peter's and sent to a mission in Dutch Village by Archbishop Connolly in 1861.

In 1916 the Monsignor acquired the Dunston property for $7,300 and turned it into a Convent-School that opened on November 2, 1920.

Rev. George Courtney

Served Saint Peter's from 1923-1939

Born March 29, 1883

Ordained June 29, 1909

Died February 21, 1939

Fr Courtney began the campaign to build a modern elementary school for the parish. The school was built, and remains the Saint Peter's Junior High School building. It is currently used as the Parish Center.

Rev. John Burns

Served Saint Peter's from 1939-1945

Fr. Burns was the founder of the high school. He purchased the Scarfe Estate in June of 1945 for approximately $13,500 and turned it into a convent. The old convent on the site of the present day high school building became Saint Peter's first high school.

Rev. Denis Geary - Served from 1831-1845 and then again 1857-1862

No Photo - Fr. Geary erected a Church Hall in 1841 at 40 Ochterloney Street. The hall was used as a regular school on weekdays and as a Sunday School. This was the first Catholic parish school in Nova Scotia, and the beginning of Saint Peter's Parish's long association with parochial education.

Pastor's Photos

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Pastors & Priests

Rev. Thomas White

Served from 1987 to 1999

Born in 1946 in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Father White received his early education in Saint Ignatius school at the Hands of the Sisters of Charity. He attended High School in the United States before returning to complete Grade 11 at Saint Peter's Regional High School in Dartmouth.

He received his BA from Saint Mary's University in Halifax before entering Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax, where he completed his B.Th. After receiving a Master's in Theology from Saint Paul's University in Ottawa he was ordained to the priesthood on June 6th, 1970 by Archbishop James M Hayes.