‚ÄčDartmouth, Nova Scotia

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Parish

Mission Statement

We, the Social Justice Committee of St Peter's Parish recognize that we are on a Spiritual Journey. Guided by the teachings of the Church and the Gospels, we seek to provide a visible presence to the Parish Community as a committee concerned with the social needs of people while striving to respect the dignity of all human persons. Under the direction of the Parish Council, and in keeping with its Mission Statement, we are committed to identifying and responding to social injustice through education and advocacy. Aware of our responsibilities to each other, we strive to imitate Jesus through compassion, mercy, love, and action.


A Social Justice Committee was formed at Saint Peter's Parish in the fall of 2001 as a result of a year long study and recommendations put forth by the Eastern Region of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. The Region, at the request of the Archbishop, undertook the study of the social outreach needs throughout the Diocese. One of the recommendations put forth was the formation of Parish Committees throughout the Diocese to respond to the underlying causes of social problems within our Parish Communities. As well, the Diocese made a commitment to establish a structure to oversee and coordinate Social Justice work within and among Parishes. (A complete report of the recommendations is available through the Parish Office.)


  • to advocate for a just society by responding to and addressing the underlying causes of social injustice;
  • to raise awareness of social injustice through continuous learning;
  • to coordinate our activities with other Committees and Parishes and by sharing information and resources to support our mission;
  • to continue our dialogue with diocesan staff to seek direction and support for our work;
  • to build solidarity and community by extending our hospitality to those in need;
  • to hold as our highest priority, the teachings of the gospels through our concern for the "common good and dignity of all human persons".

Social Justice