Saint Peter Roman Catholic Parish

‚ÄčDartmouth, Nova Scotia


As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of GOD's varied gifts.

All members of the Church, through baptism, are called to participate in its mission. As such, Saint Peter's relies on the good works of its parishioners fulfilling roles in the Parish's many ministries, organizations, and committees.

This Page briefly outlines each area of the Parish's ministry and administration - all of which welcome and need new volunteers. To help you assess your interest, the ministries listed below will give you a quick overview of what kind of stewardship gifts are most fitting for each area.

Should you decide to serve, guidance and ongoing support will be provided to ensure you feel comfortable with your new role in Saint Peter's Parish. Should you feel called to serve and this Page doesn't pinpoint where your talents could be put to best use, we'll help you there too.

For more information on any of these Ministries, please call the Parish Office at 466-6183.


Music Ministry - The music ministry is made up of instrumentalists, singers, and support people who practice weekly to prepare music which enhances and enlivens the liturgy.

Lectors or Readers serve the assembly by proclaiming the Word of God at Mass. People are drawn to this ministry because of their love of the scriptures and their understanding of the importance of its proper proclamation in the liturgy.

Ministers of the Eucharist serve the assembly by assisting in distribution of communion during the Celebration of the Eucharist. This helps the whole assembly to receive communion as one body. Some of our parishioners also have the responsibility of bringing communion to our sick and shut-in parishioners. These Ministers are motivated by a love and reverence for the eucharist.

Ministers of the Altar (Altar Servers) prepare the vessels and elements needed to celebrate the liturgy and assist the presider. Those called to have a deeper level of involvement in the liturgy often feel this is the best use of their talents. All ages are welcome.

Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers) or welcoming ministry includes greeting fellow parishioners and visitors; seating; recognizing and offering assistance to those who may have difficulty such as the elderly, the handicapped, and those with children; helping with completion of registration forms; and overseeing the gathering of the collection and the bringing forward of the gifts.


Religious Education is at the heart of our Church's mission. Not surprisingly, this is one of the more demanding and rewarding volunteer areas the Parish has to offer. The majority of children are registered for their respective classes in spring for the fall of that year. We are always in need of regular and substitute teachers. At Saint Peter's, religious education classes are held at Saint Peter's School on Sunday mornings at 10:00 for those in grades one through eight. Grade nine meets one night per week in the School.

Children's Liturgy of the Word This special liturgy for children is held during 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass between the Opening Prayer and Preparation of the Table. Children are exposed to the same readings as those heard during the regular service but written in a way that engages younger ears, hearts and minds. After the readings, children are encouraged to reflect upon and discuss what they've heard with the help of adult volunteers. To facilitate their understanding of Christ's teachings, children are divided into two groups. Those aged 6 and younger gather in the Music Room (behind the Tapestry, down the hall to the right). Children aged 7 through 12 gather in the back hallway (behind the Tapestry). Parents are welcome to accompany their children. Any interested parishioner is invited to assist in the liturgy.

Baptismal Preparation Team - Members assist those who bring their children for Baptism by helping the family prepare for the celebration and by guiding them in a better understanding of the sacrament.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which adults seeking membership in the Church join with sponsors and support people to prepare for the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation at Easter. Those that have already been baptised would prepare only for the sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation at Easter. On average this Group meets once a week for six to seven months preparing those who wish to be received as full members of the Catholic Church. Candidates, team members and sponsors gather at Saint Peter's School on Sunday mornings to share and reflect on God's word as heard in the Sunday assembly. We also discuss various aspects of our Roman Catholic faith tradition.

 Marriage Preparation Each year, several couples come to Saint Peter's to plan and prepare for the celebration of their marriage in the Church. This preparation includes meetings with the pastor and pastoral associate, as well as a more formal weekend program with talks and discussions on related themes such as commitment, love, family life, and communication. The weekend is followed by sponsor couple sessions where engaged couples meet individually with married couples of the Parish, who guide and assist them in their preparation and formation.


Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a spiritual society whose members' primary mission is to befriend the poor. This is done through the distribution of donated food and or other assistance available, such as the organization - Hand in Hand.

Development and Peace Committee's work is mandated by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. On national and parish levels, its goal is to educate Catholics about the realities of Third World countries by doing practical things within the parish community that ultimately help Third World People. This work has most often been focused during Lent - such as the 1995 Bread and Water fast at Saint Peter's. The Organization is also distinguished through our annual Share Lent Campaign. Through it, money is raised for development projects in the Third World.

The Catholic Women's League (CWL) is a women's organization represented at the national, provincial, diocesan, and parish levels. Saint Peter's CWL meets monthly in the Saint Peter's School. These women serve the Church at all levels through a collective voice on issues of faith and morals. On the local level, they assist Saint Peter's Parish with special celebrations such as First Communion, funeral receptions, and participate with fund raising projects.

The Knights of Columbus (KOC) is an international fraternal order of Catholic men. They devote themselves with special loyalty to the Church through acts of benevolence, such as providing funding for Mass for Shut-Ins and working on the Pro-Life movement. At Saint Peter's, this group meets twice a month in the Council chambers located at Saint Peter's School.

Bereavement Ministry - Life following the death of a loved one is often very confusing. Many emotions are experienced that are not always easy to understand. Grief recovery groups are designed to give the bereaved a warm, loving environment of openness and acceptance. Such an atmosphere gives those who are grieving an opportunity to share their experience with others suffering from grief - those who truly understand our pain.

Those who serve in this ministry work with people who are grieving the death of a loved one and walk with them through the many stages of that grief - from the time of death, through the funeral, to the months that follow. Such things as funeral receptions, funeral home hospitality, and grief support groups are some of the ways that this ministry is carried out.

The Group meets on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 at Saint Peter's School as needed.

Social Justice Committee recognizes we are on a Spiritual Journey. Guided by the teachings of the Church and the Gospels, we seek to provide a visible presence to the Parish Community as a committee concerned with the social needs of people while striving to respect the dignity of all human persons. Under the direction of the Parish Council, and in keeping with its Mission Statement, we are committed to identifying and responding to social injustice through education and advocacy. Aware of our responsibilities to each other, we strive to imitate Jesus through compassion, mercy, love, and action.

Visitation of the Sick - This Group reaches out to our parishioners who are sick, shut-in or elderly, and are unable to come to Church on a regular basis. Members make home visits and bring communion or just sit and chat. Some members also visit the Dartmouth General Hospital.

Social Gathering Hospitality Group organizes refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, and sweets) for parishioners between the 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. masses in the School kitchen during the Sunday School year.

Refugee Committee Saint Peter's established a committee when needed to help refugees settle in Dartmouth. On Sept. 9, 1995, the Parish received a Liberian family, which had sought refuge from the Ivory Coast, West Africa, since 1991. Although inactive at the present time, it will reactivate as the need arises.


Parish Council is the overall policy making body of the Parish. It meets monthly from September to May and all matters of concern to the overall good of the Parish are considered. It establishes policy for the Parish, promotes the good of the Parish, and advises the Parish Priest on important matters.

Finance Committee meets quarterly to prepare yearly budgets, review financial affairs of the Parish, and make recommendations when needed to help ensure the Parish's short and long term fiscal viability.

Meditation Group - Saint Peter's makes a meditation room available in the Parish Meeting Rooms. Once per week parishioners are invited to meet for instruction and for the practice of Christian Meditation. This is a great opportunity for those seeking spiritual development to meet in a warm and welcoming environment.

The Property Management Group monitors the Parish property and buildings, makes recommendations for the maintenance of these facilities, and reviews repairs and maintenance as required. They provide input to the Finance Committee on short term and long term maintenance budget needs of the Parish. Property Management administers all tenant spaces including negotiation of leases for long term occupancy and one-off usage.

The Kitchen Committee, which establishes operation procedures and overall management of the Parish Kitchen, reports to and is an extension of this Group.

Parish Staff require support in the way of volunteers who work regularly in the Parish Office to provide reception and clerical services. The Parish welcomes those who have other services to offer - so if you see something in need of doing and you can do it, please let the Parish Office know.

Money Counters Each week this Group meet to sort and count the monies received in the collection and to prepare the bank deposit.